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Construcción alternativa

Ofrecemos los servicios de diseño, construcción, asesoría y capacitación en temas relacionados con la bio construcción, la arquitectura alternativa y natural como son las técnicas de Superadobe, Hiperadobe, Bahareque, Tapial, C.O.B. , B.T.C. , Encofrados, Bio materiales, bio climática, y mas.

Sin importar su presupuesto, tenemos una opción que se adapta a sus necesidades y posibilidades. Desde capacitarle y asesorarle técnicamente a usted o a su equipo de trabajo, o servicios de gestión, construcción y administración de obra,

Rammed earth
superb construction

Diploma in Construction with Earth and Bio Architecture

Learn how to build your house, business or space with the materials that the environment offers you and combat climate change, in the best way; efficient, natural, modern, economical, resistant and beautiful as possible.

Save hundreds of thousands of pesos on construction with alternative materials and invest your time and money with the confidence that you will have one of the most complete training and with the necessary professionalism. Come and take the diploma in natural self-construction or Our workshop bio construction of Eco domes with Superadobe with Corn Men!

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Online diploma in Natural Architecture

16 Modules over a 5-month duration, with 110 instructional topics, from the recommended foundations to the eco-techniques used, through multiple finishes and 11 different construction techniques, including the option of taking several modules in person at any of our available locations. .

This diploma is simply the most complete alternative architecture and bioarchitecture program available in the world.

dome design

Request work or service

We offer consulting and design services in natural and alternative construction, made with materials with low environmental or ecological impact, recycled or highly recyclable and removable through simple, low-cost processes and high aesthetic content.

We offer design, consulting, training and conference services on the topics of: Superadobe – Hiperadobe. – Bahareque. – Tapial. – COB – BTC – Formwork, bioclimate and more.

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