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August: Santiago Valley, Gto.

-August 23: Aquaponics and hydroponics module

-August 24 and 25: Biopools Module and water collection and retreatment systems.

September: Tequisquiapan, Qro

-September 27 to 29: Natural construction workshop.

October: Tequisquiapan, Qro

-October 21 to 27: Permaculture certification course. With the workshops/modules of: Biopools, natural construction, aquaponics and hydroponics, agriculture, soil restoration and permaculture.

November: to be confirmed.

-November 22 to 24: Natural construction with Sascaab.


-December 13 to 15: Natural construction workshop. (Tequisquiapan, Qroo.)

Remember that now all the modules can be accumulated to obtain our Permaculture certification and access free of charge to the annual cycles of technical practices.

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